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Looper Beta

Take part in twisted challenges where you will work together. Collaborate with yourself from the future and the past or your mirror image. Constantly improve your results to be higher and higher on the scoreboard. The game is in beta and will be developed. Share your thoughts with us. Find us on …

Diet Smash

Hit the shuttlecock at the badminton court and avoid the bomb. You can enjoy various modes using rackets.

Hands of Globzop

The very definition of an "indie" game, Hands of Globzop is a VR matching game that takes the player through 56 (and counting) scenarios with different objects and behaviors. Grab matching objects as they bounce, fly, swim, fall, or float all around you (or, in some cases, rocket right through you). Beat the timer objective and unlock various rewards* to enhance your game play. (*Rewards currently limited to new looks for your hands because I haven't come up with any other good ideas I like.)

VR Furniture Prototype

Wellview VR Furniture Prototype is an advanced visualization tool that can be used by furniture producers in their design-to-production workflow for the purpose of creating more efficient designs with less resource consumption.

Cheese Balls

Run around as a cheese ball and explore the many maps in this game!

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